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       L'Epicerie proche de vous 

The 3 Cookies around the world have made an article on Arthémiz. Who are they ? These two parents Delphine and Aurélien who decided to tackle everything and make the tour of alternatives in France by bike to tell their son Liam. At the bend of their itinerary, they stop to discover the places and actions eco-responsible, alternatives put in place to counter our crushing system, show the world and their little darling that another life is possible. They work here and there, are welcomed at the inhabitant when they open the door, go camping wild ...


Discover our article and video here



Blue France gives us the pleasure of interviewing us about our activity and our values, in their Ecologia show on June 23, 2017. And on April 17, 2017.

Listen to the podcast on France Bleu La Rochelle HERE


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